What is Electrolysis?

Electrolysis is the technique of permanent hair removal. A small amount of electricity or a solution of sodium hydroxide is introduced to the base of the hair follicle in order to destroy the root of the hair. This is done using a tiny probe that is inserted into to each hair follicle and computer technology to deliver to correct amount of electricity to each individual hair.



The term Electrolysis is used to describe all methods of permanent hair removal. The Electrolysis modality was the first method used to remove hair permanently back in 1875. Dr. Charles Michael a St. Louis ophthalmologist, invented this system to remove his patients painful ingrown eyelashes. 

Electrolysis Equipment


Apilus Senior II

Thanks to modern Technology, Apilus electrolysis devices have revolutionized permanent hair removal treatments. With a state of the art computerized electrolysis machine it can limit the level of destruction within the hair follicle, targeting only germ cells. This consequently protects the skin and prevents new hair growth. 



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